First time holding Aikido Bokken

Well I didn’t expect my first blog post to be about Aikido bokken but the excitement of holding one has overpowered indeed.

I recently started training in the Japanese traditional martial art of Aikido. Today was my 3rd class and I am loving it. It was all the more special as I was training one to one with the Sensei (Master) at the dojo (School).

I have done Martial Arts off and on, all my life but never gave Aikido a go. I didn’t even know about Aikido until few years prior reading about it in books.

Back to Bokken.

Bokken is a Japanese Wodden Sword used in Aikido for training. It’s both safe and practical.

Now the principal of Aikido is Samurai’s way of a peaceful warrior spirit. Compassion and forgiveness. It is not about beating the crap out of the other guy but being centred and present in every situation. Learning to navigate life’s challenges with flow and ease.

That’s what I like about Aikido. But the hidden warrior in me liked holding the Bokken. Felt very powerful from outside and yet very peaceful from inside.

Sensei carefully guided me with the basics of holding the Bokken. Walking and carrying it by the side. Drawing it if need me and how to do basic strikes.

I can’t wait to train some more with it and also have one with me for practice at home. Sensei said after a while it becomes you. And I truly agree.

More on Bokken and Aikido very soon as my training goes along. And pictures too.


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