Kayaking around Australia

Well the title says it all ….

I have decided to do a Kayaking tour around Australia. Don’t know how long it will take and what this adventure will entail but who is in a rush?

The loose plan right now is to go after big lakes, rivers and lagoons. Places that mark the amazing landscape of this beautiful country.

Why do it? Because I can (Thanks Jess for giving a reason :))

I was not raised up near water. Infact the first beach I saw was when I travelled to Mumbai at the age of 21. Can you believe it?

Now the serenity of calm lakes and waterways calls me everyday to come hangout in the silence with it.

Being an avid bird watcher, it gives a new dimension to observing wildlife as well. Totally love it.

I am looking for sponsors who would like to take their brand to wherever my adventures will go. Well being an Internet marketer I will make sure it goes far and wide 🙂 Email me if you interested.

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