Fourth Kayaking Trip – Brisbane Water | Blackwall Launch

What more can you want, a gorgeous spring day, picnic with great friends and a red kayak. This time its the Brisbane water up the coast from Sydney. This was the launch point to be precise. There is only parking available for a couple of cars and I was fortunate that someone was leaving. If you are planning to bring a Kayak, then hopefully its on wheels as its 5 mins walk from roadside parking.   And the place was beaming with birds. 10 min paddle from the shore was this Pelican Breeding Reserve. Hundreds of Pelicans and their little ones call this small patch home as they launch themselves to nearby areas of Woy Woy and Gosford from here. Here is an aerial picture of this small little island. A Kayak like mine was the perfect boat to see the birds from up close as the Pelican Breeding Reserve is on shallow waters and the motor boats can’t get there plus it would scare them.   Cormorants are of course everywhere too, taking full advantage of the sun. My Mrs bravely took to some Kayaking as well. Good on her ūüôā   After the picnic was over, it was time to go over to our friend’s place and have a cuppa. They have this gorgeous view from the Balcony and who greets us as soon as we step out … two gorgeous kookaburras. My friends said they have never seen both come up together. Well birds sense when an avid bird watcher is around …¬† Haha.

Brisbane Water Info

Origin Narara Creek and Coorumbine Creek Gosford
Ends Broken bay
Length 17.72 km (11 mi)
Depth 3.1 m (10 ft)
Volume 84,198.7 m3(2,973,449 cu ft)
Basin 165 km2 (64 sq mi)
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